How To Bring Back Sex In Marriage

Sometimes marriages become sexless and mundane part of marriage and this way relationships start to deteriorate. It happens due to stress in work, infidelity, family responsibilities, financial burden, relatives and other issues. But you have to try to bring back the spark in your bedroom and it requires efforts from both sides.

Beatiful Relationship

Tips to make your love life happening

  • Don’t wait for your partner to take initiative, take turns and make the other partner comfortable and not be forceful. Live those tender moments and whisper sweet nothings into your partner’s ears.
  • Love making should not be monotonous talk to your partner of what you like and don’t like, this way you will be able to pleasure him/her better. Communication is the vital ingredient to great sex life.
  • Don’t be forceful and understand your partner’s needs. Increase foreplay and then venture into the real act, this will help your partner loosen up and enjoy sex better.
  • Arrange date nights or plan weekend getaways where the just the two of you can be alone and spend some private moments together.
  • Having showers together can also ignite the lost spark. The intimate touching of each other’s body makes you come closer and creates a bonding and chemistry.
  • The loving touches and impromptu hugs and kisses go a long way, sending flirty messages to one another. Seeing lovingly into each other’s eyes, not taking fights to bed will definitely help shake up your sex lives a great deal.
  • Exploring each other’s body is a great stimulation which ultimately may lead to amazing sex. Try to focus every part of the by gently caressing and feeling the partners body and this is not just for arousal but experience the joy of the closeness of your partners body next to you.
  • Seek out the methods that help arouse your partner and consider their opinion on trying out new options such as experimenting new sex positions or the use of toys etc. it is how comfortable, age and body permits the pleasure can be serviced in many ways in the bedroom.

The above tips will really change the way you would perform in bed and the behaviour towards sex and help you bring back the sex quotient in your life.