A good sex for a good health

A good sex life can be achieved if the couple are very much in love with each other. Sex is a means to show love to the partner. A good sex life makes the relationship last much longer than those couples who do not have regular sex, having sex is good for health therefore it is important to have good sex life and also a healthy life for better sexual intercourse.

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A good sex life

A good sex life is known to produce antibodies and also lower the blood pressure. It increases immunity in the body that helps to fight various forms of other diseases. Sexual intimacy helps in increasing the love hormone called the oxytocin. A good sex life helps in preventing any kind of prostate cancer in the body. Oxytocin is believed to impact women more than men that’s why women are more into romance than men. It’s said that sex on regular basis helps a person look younger. A good sex can be achieved only if the partners are aware of what they are doing. A good sex life avoids any kind of complications; condoms must be used for safety and to avoid any kind of sexually transferred diseases. A good marriage or relationship demands an expression of love that is necessary for the relationship to grow; sex goes a long way in making the relationship work. Couples who have sex on regular basis are more likely to be happy in the longer duration. A good diet also goes a long way in keeping up with the good sex life; there is certain food that helps in keeping the sexual life alive for a longer time. Women and men must take caution before getting involved with a partner and have sex.