Realistic problems of adults

Adult age is the transformation of children into young men or women. Everyone will have to cross this age. It is a “double edged” sword because everyone will face the psychological transformation. Things what we considered as good will turn into bad during this age. It is an age where our career is defined. Many people will get distracted or mislead during this age. So everyone will have to be more careful while crossing this age. Parents should take responsibility of their siblings and they should handle with care. Not only parents but also the society, teachers are also responsible for transforming the children into good men. Here are the some of the problems each and every one of us will face or faced during our adult ages.

Generation gap issues:

We live in different generation where internet plays an important role in our day to day life. The bitter truth is we got addicted to internet. Without internet, we cannot survive. It is now considered as one of the basic needs of this modern era. But our parents will not get used to it. They will get irritated when we are using the mobile phones frequently. They lived in a generation where television and radios are the most entertaining medium. There are no technological start-ups happen during that time. The adult mind set is changing day by day. Many of the youngsters are willing to start their own business but these kinds of ideas are not existed in our parent’s adult age. This is the major problem. This generation gap brings the gap between parents and children relationship.

Realistic problems of adults

Less virtual friends more online friends:

The emergence of social media paying way for this. Many people around the world are using social media but modern day youngsters spending more time in social media.  It is platform where we can express our views and feelings publicly. This reduces the virtual friends. Our parents at our adult age had numerous friends. They used to mingle and share their thoughts. But this is not happening now. It is the major reasons for those who are affecting from stress related issues.  A survey points out that persons who are having less number of friends and relatives are affecting from psychological issues. Many of them sharing their inner feelings to faceless social media friend. Sometimes the friend ID will be fake and that person will cheat you by playing with their inner feelings.  So please try to connect with virtual friends and have fun.