Cardboard on the grille: a relic of the past or a useful life hack

Many drivers practice similar tuning to this day.
For popular car models, you can find special bumper plugs that have an almost factory look. So why do we need such a device and how does it help the car?
Winter is slowly coming to Ukraine . Traditionally, with the onset of cold weather on many cars, a special protection appears on the radiator grill, which can be made both in the form of cardboard and in the form of a beautiful plastic cover or cape.

In winter, due to the low ambient temperature, the engine radiators, and the engine itself, cool much faster during movement. Because of this, the engine sometimes cannot reach operating temperature, which leads to its unstable operation.
This situation is usually observed in cars with diesel engines. If we talk about gasoline engines, then only owners of gasoline units that have an operating temperature of about 100–105 ° C face this problem. Now some manufacturers even build in blinds in front of radiators, but unlike old cars from the times of the USSR, the blinds already have electronic adjustment, and sometimes they are even controlled automatically by the car itself.
Thus, we come to the conclusion that in our time, the radiator grille plugs for the winter are still relevant.

How to understand if you need a cap for the winter

Cardboard on the radiator grill: a relic of the past or a useful life hack / depositphotos

Ideally, most cars can work without any special modifications. To understand whether you need a plug or not, you need to look at how other drivers drive your car model. Also, it will not be superfluous to read forums on the Internet.

How to choose a radiator cap for the winter

Cardboard on the grille: a relic of the past or a useful life hack / Screenshot / YouTube
Ideally, take plastic plugs made for a specific car model. They will provide the necessary effect and the engine will pick up operating temperature earlier. At the same time, they practically exclude the possibility of overheating of the engine.

If the situation with the heating of the engine needs to be resolved urgently, then you can use a sheet of cardboard, however, only as a temporary measure. The sheet must be placed at a certain distance from the radiator,

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